DS 63 Folder Inserter

DS 63 Folder Inserter

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  • Folder Inserters
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Customize the DS-63 Folder Inserter for your document handling operation. It is designed with 4 different configurations to meet your business needs.


  • 1 Station - One flexFeed® tray that can process documents from 3.5" to 14".
  • 1.5 Stations - One multifunctional flexFeed® tray for full-size documents and one feeder for inserts up to 6".
  • 2 Stations - Two flexFeed® trays can process documents from 3.5" to 14" from both feeders.
  • 2.5 Stations - Two flexFeed® trays that process documents from 3.5" to 14" and a handy feeder for smaller documents (up to 6").


The service from SVOE is excellent. Keep up the great work guys. Thanks again.

Andy E.
IT Manager