5070 Heavy Duty Production Letter Opener

5070 Heavy Duty Production Letter Opener

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The size alone demonstrates that this is a serious production letter opener. The 5070 Heavy Duty Production Letter Opener is a fast, flexible, versatile, and ergonomic system. It processes mail up to 667 letters per minute using the industry leading mill cutting technology.


  • Up to 667 letters per minute
  • 60 times faster than by hand
  • Handles mixed mail
  • Up to 1/3" thickness
  • Reverse flow conveyor stacker
  • Stand and waste bin included
  • Protects contents from damage
What makes this a production machine? Solid industrial steel construction with three motors for better performance and longer life. It also has a reverse flow conveyor stacker that allows the operator to stay in place to both feed and remove opened envelopes for maximum productivity. For organizations receiving a large amount of mixed mail, the 5070 can handle a wide size range and type of envelope. Just place your stack of mixed mail on the feeder and let the 5070 open it in seconds


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