5050 Letter Opener

5050 Letter Opener

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The user-friendly 5050 Letter Opener opens stacks of envelopes in seconds, operating at a speed of up to 533 letters per minute! No more ripping, tearing or time wasted manually opening envelopes that are a part of your cash flow, customer satisfaction or other important communications.


  • Up to 533 letters per minute
  • 50 times faster than by hand
  • Handles mixed mail
  • Up to 1/3" thickness
  • Comes with catch tray
  • Protects contents from damage
The 5050 utilizes industry leading mill cutting technology to protect the contents from being cut or damages. Only removing up to 1/8" of the envelope flap providing a feathered edge preventing paper cuts. The system is designed to handle large flats such as USPS Priority cardboard down to No. 10 envelopes. No need to sort your mail. Just load the envelopes and press go.

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