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Quadient’s IS-280 iMeter™ postage meter brings you a simplified mail processing experience.


  • Save 5 cents on First-Class™ postage and access Commercial Base Pricing for USPS shipments using Neoship
  • Integrated scale and standard Rate Wizard ensure accurate postal class selection and value
  • Easy to use control panel with short cuts make navigation a breeze
  • Customize your mail pieces with an image, logo or message using Neoslogan
This compact, powerful mailing system combines mail and parcel processing into one easy solution. With the IS-280, you won’t have to wait in line for stamps ever again. Postage funds are easily downloaded into the meter with the click of a button. A standard 2lb. and optional 5lb. scale ensures the correct weight of every item being processed, preventing over and under spending. The Rate Wizard simplifies the process of selecting the correct postal class and rate. Shortcut keys save time by providing instant job set up.

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