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Tuesday Tips: Embracing Cloud Security

Embracing Cloud Security

With the advent of cloud service providers, more businesses are turning toward cloud document management systems. There are several reasons for this shift, and they are all for the better.


When documents are uploaded to the cloud, they can be accessed from anywhere from any device. This makes it easy for employees who have to leave the office building to still be able to access documents and get work done, so productivity increases.

Tuesday Tips: Why Mobile Capabilities Matter

Why Mobile Capabilities Matter

Many printer features seem like they might be superfluous. However, chances are good your business can benefit a great deal by implementing mobile printing features. Many companies are discovering the advantages of having mobile workers and letting employees into the field more often. Your office should still have devices that allow employees to carry out basic functions even when they are not at their desks.

Tuesday Tips: Making Your Printer Supplies Go Further

Making Your Printer Supplies Go Further

If it seems like you are constantly heading to the supply closet to replenish you supply of paper or toner, then you may need to change a few things to get the most out of your supplies. Here are a few tips for making your laser printer supplies last longer:

Changing the font or size of your text can reduce the number of pages in each document AND can reduce the amount of ink on each page. Some fonts use more ink than others, so switching to a more minimal font can help you cut back on ink.

Tuesday Tips: Maximize Your Printing

Tuesday Tips: Maximize Your Printing

You might think your laser printer is optimal now. However, enhancing productivity should always be a priority, so you get the most out of your devices. Here are the ways to maximize efficiency.

Examine Usage

Once a month, you should see how your printer has been used. This allows you to identify wasteful printing. Sometimes things get printed and never used. You can then inform employees of new practices you want to implement to cut back on printing.

The Shifting Nature of Print and Documents

The Shifting Nature of Print and Documents

The concept of printing and document management systems has shifted greatly in recent years due to the advent of numerous new technologies. Keep your business abreast with these advances by knowing how management systems are changing and the new dangers that are present.

Why Do You Need a Print Assessment?

Why Do You Need a Print Assessment?

How much do you spend on printing? Would you be surprised to learn that most businesses, including yours, spend up to 15 percent of their overall budget on printing? If you’re looking for ways to reduce expenses, take a closer look at this budget item and how managed print services can help.

Tuesday Tips: Why You Should Be Focusing More on Document Security

Why You Should Be Focusing More on Document Security

It seems like more and more often we hear about data breaches and critical data being compromised. Here’s why you should be taking more notice and what you should do to protect yourself and your business’ information.

Data breaches can cost your organization a great deal of money, with the average cost of a data breach for health organizations being more than $1 million.

Finding the Best Home Office Printers

Finding the Best Home Office Printers

Choosing laser printers for your home office is very different than buying a printer for an office or large organization. The priorities differ in smaller offices and your office equipment should differ accordingly.

What considerations should you make? What type of printer should you look at? What is the best printer for home offices?

While the answers to these questions are not black and white, there are a few points we can make to help you narrow down your search.

Maximize Your Purchase by Choosing the Right Printer

Maximize Your Purchase by Choosing the Right Printer

Numerous printers are available these days. While it can seem overwhelming trying to find an ideal printer, it is a lot easier if you know what capabilities it absolutely needs to come with.

Look into various multifunction printers, so you do not end up with something that falls short of expectations.

3 Pieces of Tech to Optimize Your Office

If you have a small business or work from home, it can be difficult to know which pieces of technological office equipment are necessary to run your business and what is just extra. Especially in today’s world where an increasing amount of transactions take place digitally, staying connected to your clients and vendors can be fundamental to the success of your business.

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