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Tuesday Tips: Having a Digital Disaster Plan for Your Documents

Having a Digital Disaster Plan for Your Documents

A natural disaster or a similar catastrophic event has the potential to put all of your paperwork and documents at risk. Effective document management that backs up important information is critical for a business to remain on top.

Tuesday Tips: What Solutions Will Help You Go Digital?

 What Solutions Will Help You Go Digital?

There are a variety of tools and devices allowing small businesses to go digital. Mobile printing has been a huge boon, allowing employees to print from anywhere around the building. However, that is just the beginning. 

Web Capture Service

A big component of going digital involves superior document management. That involves uploading paperwork into an online system instead of physical filing cabinets. To do this productively, a business owner needs to acquire a web capture service to effortlessly scan documents and upload them into the desired system. 

Tuesday Tips: Simplifying Your Business by Going Digital

Simplifying Your Business by Going Digital

Streamlining your business processes makes your work life easier. To simplify your business, digitize your office storage, mobility and equipment.

Cloud Storage

Your digitized document management system allows you to organize your files and protect them better behind encrypted passwords. You can rest easy knowing that only the people who should have access to the information can do so. Digital documents can be found in moments from any device with the search function.

Tuesday Tips: How Often Should You Be Cleaning Your Copiers?

How Often Should You Be Cleaning Your Copiers?

Copiers, printers and other equipment are a significant part of the backbone of your company. In nearly every industry, documentation and information services form a vital foundation for the work of a business. Without routine service, that foundation will begin to crack. The result of a lack of regular cleaning and maintenance is at best a loss of productivity and at worst, some unexpected costs.

Tuesday Tips: 3 Reasons to Monitor Your Print Fleet

 3 Reasons to Monitor Your Print Fleet

Printers, copiers, and other technology may not always be at the top of your priority list, but when they break down, run out of paper or toner, or have a paper jam it can have serious consequences. Here are 3 reasons to monitor your print fleet.

Preventing Data Breaches

Preventing Data Breaches

No matter what size company you have, it’s important to do what you can to ensure that your security measures are adequate for preventing data breaches. Just like large corporations, smaller businesses are also at risk and there are some things that need to be taken into consideration.

Tuesday Tips: Evaluating Print Management

Evaluating Print Management

The right managed print services do far more than just help with repairs and monitor the amount of paper you’re using. They can help keep your data secure, improve your processes and help to manage technology change. Here’s what to look for in MPS:

Security Comes First

Raising productivity and lowering costs are important items but they cannot come at the cost of your data security. Technology with respect to print management must work with your current policies and help make your data as or more secure.

Tuesday Tips: What is a Smart Printer?

What is a Smart Printer?

After the invention of the smartphone, it seems that all other forms of technology have been designed as better, smarter versions of themselves. This has recently extended to multifunction printers as well, in order to make workplace printing, scanning and copying simpler than ever before. The modern smart printer has a huge number of excellent features to offer the modern small business that sets it apart from other desktop printers, such as:

Tuesday Tips: Embracing Cloud Security

Embracing Cloud Security

With the advent of cloud service providers, more businesses are turning toward cloud document management systems. There are several reasons for this shift, and they are all for the better.


When documents are uploaded to the cloud, they can be accessed from anywhere from any device. This makes it easy for employees who have to leave the office building to still be able to access documents and get work done, so productivity increases.

Tuesday Tips: Why Mobile Capabilities Matter

Why Mobile Capabilities Matter

Many printer features seem like they might be superfluous. However, chances are good your business can benefit a great deal by implementing mobile printing features. Many companies are discovering the advantages of having mobile workers and letting employees into the field more often. Your office should still have devices that allow employees to carry out basic functions even when they are not at their desks.