Your Paper Choices May Be Affecting Your Business

Your Paper Choices May Be Affecting Your Business

Your office probably goes through reams of paper a day, but have you ever considered that the paper you choose could be affecting your business? Pairing the right paper choices with the latest print technology can help you impress current and potential clients and improve your business.

The Right Paper

There are many types of paper, and each one is appropriate for certain tasks. While your standard printer paper might be good for interoffice memos, it might seem a little lackluster when presented to your client. Heavier-duty paper carries a certain weight that lends a sense of importance to it, while textured paper might add an air of sophistication. If your materials will include photos, it’s also important to choose a paper that will show off those images. Glossy or coated paper can make them stand out.

The Right Technology

Elevating your paper choices may not be enough if your office technology is out of date. Modern inkjet tech is much more advanced than its older counterparts. Older machines may also jam more easily or cause even the heaviest paper to press into an unruly curl.

Pairing modern print technology with the perfect paper for the job is the best way to impress your clients. You never know what impact your next flyer or memo may have.

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