Tuesday Tips: What Solutions Will Help You Go Digital?

 What Solutions Will Help You Go Digital?

There are a variety of tools and devices allowing small businesses to go digital. Mobile printing has been a huge boon, allowing employees to print from anywhere around the building. However, that is just the beginning. 

Web Capture Service

A big component of going digital involves superior document management. That involves uploading paperwork into an online system instead of physical filing cabinets. To do this productively, a business owner needs to acquire a web capture service to effortlessly scan documents and upload them into the desired system. 

Document Sharing Systems

In the past, a lot of printing was performed to ensure everyone received a vital document. These days, physical pieces of paper can be saved by simply sharing them online. Devices, such as the Xerox DocuShare Flex, allow documents to be viewed over the Cloud. 


Many multifunction printers these days do a lot more than simply print. In many cases, business owners can even download apps directly onto the printer and connect mobile devices to the printer through the app. This assists in printing from the Cloud and streamlining workflows. 

Mobile printing and sharing through the Cloud have already helped so many businesses of all sizes. By implementing new technologies now, small businesses will be better prepared to bring on new devices in the future. 


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