Tuesday Tips: 3 Questions To Ask Before Buying a Copier

3 Questions To Ask Before Buying a Copier

Despite the increase of technology in the workplace, businesses still produce a lot of paper. Whether your company is just starting out or expanding, this may be the right time to review your copier and printer needs. Here are three questions you need to ask yourself.

1. How Much Printing and Copying Do You Do?

While the features on modern machines are incredibly useful, there’s no reason to have them if you won’t use them. If you do very little copying, multifunction printers may be able to fulfill all your organization’s needs. If you create hundreds of copies, you’ll need durable, standalone copiers.

2. What Materials Do You Produce?

If you’re only printing the occasional black and white document, the most basic printers should be sufficient. If you need to print high-quality booklets, a top-end printer makes sure your materials look sharp and professional.

3. How Much Service Do Your Machines Need?

Again, this depends quite a bit on the number of pages you produce. Smaller businesses that only make a few copies need only have technician come in to fix major malfunctions. A larger company can get a full-service package that restocks and maintains your machines, freeing employees to focus on their jobs.

Advanced copiers empower your organization to conduct business at a higher level. The right equipment can handle your document production without breaking the bank. A little research can help you find the printer, copier, and service level that helps your business grow.


your tech’s are very courteous, professional, and very knowledgeable of the Canon equipment. Great Job…….a credit to you and your service organization. Thank you.

Frank G.