A Security Boost for Your Printer

A Security Boost for Your Printer

Xerox and Cisco announced a new combined effort to help reduce gaps in network security called Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE). Each cloud-based printer, copier or MFP represents a crack in your defenses that intruders may potentially exploit to gain access to your vital data. As the number of these devices rapidly increases, having better tools to administer them becomes essential. If you have been trying to keep up with copier and printer security while implementing a piecemeal version of document security policy, you will likely appreciate the central management capabilities that ISE can provide you for Xerox products.

Automation Helps Stop Data Theft

ISE eliminates much of the uncertainty and repetition that you currently must endure to set up each new mobile device connected to your network. A library of functions in ISE allows it to:

  • Detect and automatically set predefined security policies on Xerox devices
  • Prevent non-printers and unauthorized devices from connecting to printing portals
  • Alert you immediately of any unapproved entry attempts on your network
  • Provide centralized monitoring and management for all connected Xerox devices

Security Integration Shores Defences

As major players in the technology sector continue to join forces, centralize policy and seamlessly mesh security controls, the united front can slow the tide of data breaches. Printer and copier security are two areas where companies like Xerox and Cisco are making pioneering strides in this direction.


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