Ignore These 2018 Small Business Trends at Your Own Risk

Ignore These 2018 Small Business Trends at Your Own Risk

Technology trends can move at the speed of lightning as high-tech companies around the world introduce new IT solutions every day. You can’t afford to ignore technology advancements that have the potential to differentiate you from your competitors. Look for the following trends to impact business in 2018.

  • Wi-Fi speed will continue to evolve and get faster.
  • More consumers and businesses will use the internet to shop globally.
  • Cyberattacks will intensify and become more sophisticated.
  • More companies will use the expanding freelance workforce to supplement their in-house staff.
  • Customer expectation for personalized service will continue to increase, from custom marketing messages to post-purchase service.
  • The demand to incorporate virtual reality into training or other functions should continue to grow.
  • Using videos to personalize and humanize brands and products will become even more popular.
  • More companies will incorporate artificial intelligence into data collection and mining strategies to find ways to better meet customers’ needs.
  • Business owners and CEO’s will see their personal brands intertwined with their business brands. Those who mismanage their personal brand may find their companies adversely impacted.

Stay Ahead of the Game

Strategically using technology trends and IT solutions to strengthen your business and improve your service can help differentiate your company from the competition. You can find more ways to stand out in a crowded field when you use small business IT to its fullest potential.


Employees can receive training. Some learn the necessary skill sets to fix problems. Then there are employees who display what many companies use as a tag line but seldom fulfill. Personal dedication to their company and their customers isn’t a skillset it’s a mental model rarely encountered today.  Josh’s extraordinary service, attention to detail and humble conduct showers himself in honor and brings honor to SVOE.

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