How We Know Print Certainly Isn’t Dead

How We Know Print Certainly Isn’t Dead

With the rise of e-books, e-magazines, blogs, and the Internet, the print industry has steadily converted to a digital equivalent. This change has prompted the question of whether print is dead to be asked from not only customers, but also from relevant businesses. However, the print industry as a whole includes both physical and digital print media. Printers and copiers are needed for both aspects of the industry. The future growth of the digital print media industry alone is enough to disprove the dead print media myth. Not only is digital print well and alive, but also some aspects of the physical print industry are here to stay.

Federal law, for example, creates a need for print media. There are certain legal requirements in place that demand physical copies of legal documents. You cannot submit a document digitally if your local laws require it physically. Therefore, as long as the legislation is in place, the need for print will always exist.

The digital print industry has as much to do with print technology as physical print. Digital print allows customers to customize product to their exact specifications. Custom personalization has been on a rise in many businesses. Accordingly, special ink and paper options for printers have risen as well. The idea that print is dead ignores the healthy increase in digital print and required need for physical print that exists even now. It is worth looking into digital print, if only to observe this burgeoning section of the industry continue to grow.


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