4 Reasons for Common Criteria Certification

4 Reasons for Common Criteria Certification

Are you worried about the security of your documents? The vigor of your business could be in jeopardy if your office equipment compromises document security.

Many business owners and executives can solve several concerns at once by replacing outdated equipment with multifunction printers backed by Common Criteria certification. Common Criteria certification can reassure companies that their purchases actually perform as claimed. Reasons to expect Common Criteria certification include:

1. Known Profiles

Common Criteria tests equipment according to published standards known as Protection Profiles. For example, if a piece of equipment claims “full drive encryption” supporting printer security, then it may be tested against the Protection Profile for that feature.

2. Third-Party Testing

Certification includes the use of independent laboratories for testing features such as copier security. Independence may assure equipment buyers of assessment integrity.

3. International Recognition

Twenty-eight nation members participate in the Common Criteria agreement. International standardization means that information traveling across borders can be agreed secure. Common Criteria certification may be a selling point for your business when negotiating international sales.

4. Simplified Security Assessment

Instead of assessing each printer, scanner, copier and fax machine separately, office protocol may designate using approved multifunction printers only. Communication with employees can be simplified and unauthorized work habits may be addressed. The result can be improved security for your business and your customers

If Common Criteria certification ranks in the purchasing checklist for your IT equipment, it could mean peace of mind for your business and your customers. You can feel confident when asked, “Are you worried about the security of your documents?”


From the meeting with our rep, Larry, to the installation and maintenance of the machine, this company has been GREAT to work with. Highly recommend them for your printing / copying needs.

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