3 Things You Need to Know About Information Security

3 Things You Need to Know About Information Security

Data theft losses total in the trillions of dollars for businesses. Rapidly changing technology seems to make the dilema even more difficult to solve. While copier and printer security measures alone will probably never eliminate the problem, you can have a better chance of protecting your company's valuable data by understanding these points about information security.

1. Hardcopies Are Susceptible

Information security encompasses not only digital data that needs encryption to remain safe but all forms of information. Those printouts carelessly left on the copier or printer qualify and can be prime targets for a data thief.

2. Strong Security Policies Are Not Enough

Overly-strict policies can sometimes undermine document security by fostering resentment that can result in non-compliance. It is usually better to have employees' input during the policy drafting stage so that the final version is more relevant to the organization.

3. Working Together Makes Everyone Safer

Cloud computing is blurring the lines between local computing and remote sharing. Owing to the rise of multifunctional printing, printer and copier security can become a nightmare for an already overwhelmed IT staff. Automation and working with trusted data management experts is increasingly becoming one of the only ways to effectively shield your company's data.

Avoiding the pitfall of viewing data protection as just about copier or printer security will help broaden the level of awareness in your company. Understanding the many ways criminals gain access and working continuously to build awareness at all levels of the organization will go a long ways towards helping guard you against an attack.


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