Tuesday Tips: Why You Should Be Focusing More on Document Security

Why You Should Be Focusing More on Document Security

It seems like more and more often we hear about data breaches and critical data being compromised. Here’s why you should be taking more notice and what you should do to protect yourself and your business’ information.

Data breaches can cost your organization a great deal of money, with the average cost of a data breach for health organizations being more than $1 million.

Taking active steps to prevent breaches rather than fix problems that arise would greatly help to combat this trend.

Here are a few ways that your office equipment can help you to protect your data and documents.

Investing in a document management system may seem counterintuitive to data security...actively uploading information to a cloud-based system.

Document management software have been designed to help you protect documents on a grand scale, as well as on an individual level.

Set permissions for folders or for individual files to keep your data password protected internally.  You can track who opens a file, what edits they’ve made and where a file has been shared. Document management systems are the perfect tool for watching over your documents and keeping tabs all in one place.

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