Tuesday Tips: Why Mobile Capabilities Matter

Why Mobile Capabilities Matter

Many printer features seem like they might be superfluous. However, chances are good your business can benefit a great deal by implementing mobile printing features. Many companies are discovering the advantages of having mobile workers and letting employees into the field more often. Your office should still have devices that allow employees to carry out basic functions even when they are not at their desks.

Print From Anywhere

If an employee needs something printed but is currently away, it is not efficient to wait until that person gets back to the office. It is similarly a hassle if the employee has to find someone at the office who is able to print something. With the right multifunction printer, your employees can hook up their smartphones to the device and print even if they are away from the building.

Work From Home

Depending on the industry your business is in, you may need certain worker to be available at any time. If someone has already left the office for the day or for the weekend, then it can be an inconvenience if they are unable to do any work while gone. With mobile capabilities, an employee can print something out at the office and have it waiting for them the next day.

Mobile printing options are a natural response to developing work conditions. You need to work smarter by getting a better printer today.



Our team would like to thank SVOE for the great service you have provided since we received our new printer/scanner/copier. You suggested the right printer to suit our needs and budget.

Kathryn Albertson
Brand Manager