Tuesday Tips: What is a Smart Printer?

What is a Smart Printer?

After the invention of the smartphone, it seems that all other forms of technology have been designed as better, smarter versions of themselves. This has recently extended to multifunction printers as well, in order to make workplace printing, scanning and copying simpler than ever before. The modern smart printer has a huge number of excellent features to offer the modern small business that sets it apart from other desktop printers, such as:

  • Offing compatibility with tablets, mobile phones and other devices that average small business printers simply can’t work with.
  • Compatibility with a huge number of popular apps for easy printing.
  • A touch-screen setup that can be personalized to streamline the printing process and make it easier for users of all experience levels.
  • Uses an app-like layout that’s sure to be familiar to anyone with a smart phone or other smart device of their own.
  • Provides a number of security measures against any unauthorized devices that might attempt to connect to your printer to meddle with your documents.

Whether multifunction printers are a staple of your business’s operations or you just need one every now and again to prepare for presentations, having a smart printer on your side is always an excellent idea if you want an easy, convenient and top-quality experience like no other.