Tuesday Tips: Maximize Your Printing

Tuesday Tips: Maximize Your Printing

You might think your laser printer is optimal now. However, enhancing productivity should always be a priority, so you get the most out of your devices. Here are the ways to maximize efficiency.

Examine Usage

Once a month, you should see how your printer has been used. This allows you to identify wasteful printing. Sometimes things get printed and never used. You can then inform employees of new practices you want to implement to cut back on printing.

Replenish Supplies Regularly

You do not want to wait until your printer is out of ink to buy more ink. You should always have some in storage so that you can replace it immediately instead of wait. It is inconvenient if people need to print but have to wait until someone gets back from the office supply store.

Get the Exact Supplies

When it comes to toner and ink, a lot of brands will say they can work with your machine perfectly. Do not take that bait. Only get supplies that come directly from your vendor. Putting the wrong components in your printer could end up breaking it.

Before you do any of this, make sure you select the right printer for your office’s needs. The best one for you comes down to the size of your business. Be smart in your purchases so that productivity never dips.


Our team would like to thank SVOE for the great service you have provided since we received our new printer/scanner/copier. You suggested the right printer to suit our needs and budget.

Kathryn Albertson
Brand Manager