Tuesday Tips: Evaluating Print Management

Evaluating Print Management

The right managed print services do far more than just help with repairs and monitor the amount of paper you’re using. They can help keep your data secure, improve your processes and help to manage technology change. Here’s what to look for in MPS:

Security Comes First

Raising productivity and lowering costs are important items but they cannot come at the cost of your data security. Technology with respect to print management must work with your current policies and help make your data as or more secure.

Flexibility and Ease of Use

Your managed print services should:

  • Be easily integrated into your current IT environment
  • Allow printing to be set up as needed now, as well as to be easily modified for future needs
  • Offer modular style pricing and allow you to pay for what you actually use
  • Be able to scale up as your business grows
  • Support other devices

Offer Useful Reporting

You need tools that will help you to understand how your printing is being used, preferably with the ability for customization. They should assist you in lowering costs, reducing waste and protecting data.

Although this is not an exhaustive list, these are some of the points you will want to consider when evaluating print management services. Making the right decision for your company at the outset will make your life far easier down the road.


Our team would like to thank SVOE for the great service you have provided since we received our new printer/scanner/copier. You suggested the right printer to suit our needs and budget.

Kathryn Albertson
Brand Manager